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I believe that every student needs a secure, caring, and stimulating learning environment in which to learn and grow. As a teacher, it is my desire to provide this positive atmosphere for all students, while guiding them through visual, hands-on learning, and encouraging curiosity and risk-taking. All students have potential, and most often they just need someone to believe that they are capable individuals. I work to empower my students and build relationships with the goal of encouraging intrinsic motivation.  

My practice cultivates community and leans towards Progressivism. I encourage students to learn from each other by taking turns and working together. I believe this kind of community inspires leadership skills and empathy for others. My teaching involves diverse instructional strategies to engage students and I also encourage independence to raise student confidence. My goal as an art teacher is to serve as a guide to knowledge and provide access to information rather than being the primary source of information for my students.  

I was inspired by my high-school art teacher who demonstrated curiosity and passion. Their scholarship motivated me to become an art teacher as well. I have come to understand what it means to be an impactful teacher. As an art educator and mentor, I understand the importance of role models and the effect they have on the development of ethics, academic outcomes, and personal growth for my students.  

Teaching provides an opportunity for me to continue to learn and grow from my students and the community. It is my goal as an art educator to provide an honest, well-rounded education to every student. My practice is culturally responsive, and I am constantly mindful of students in need. My goal is to build relationships, to be encouraging and to communicate effectively with heart. 

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